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  • Kathryn

    Hi. I am pleased that you are enjoying being in the UK. It is strange to see how others see us! I really enjoyed your viewpoint and explanations. I like :the list of words you have chosen, and I agree they all have plus points. Have you tried ’sussuration‘, which means a breathy, whispery sound. It encompasses sounds such as autumn leaves blowing in a breeze, or gentle waves reaching the beach. If you say the word slowly it sounds exactly like the noise it is describing. This is known as ‚onomatopoeia‘. Another example of this is ‚cuckoo‘. I hope you continue to enjoy your time here.

    • lena

      Thanks so much for this explanation, Kathryn! ‚Sussuration‘ sounds brilliant. 🙂 I no longer live in the UK actually. I live in Germany now but I continue to travel to the UK as I find this country so fascinating.

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