• Giving birth in Germany

    Giving birth in Germany

    On the twelfth day after my due date my true love gave to me: a baby, finally! Pots of “Eisenkrauttee” (verbena tea) infused with ginger, cinnamon and cloves left me feel rather christmassy in August. It’s a mixture that’s supposed to help induce labour. It didn’t help in my case though and in the end I had to be induced at the hospital. But if you’re looking for a nice Christmas tea and/or would like to bring on labour naturally, I’m sharing the recipe below!

  • white asparagus

    Spargelzeit! White Asparagus & Strawberry Season in Germany

    Buying strawberries in winter? That will cause a few raised eyebrows in Germany. Why? Because seasonal eating is a way of life here. Many Germans refuse to buy strawberries in winter as they are shipped from far-away places and therefore taste quite pitiful. In fact, you can’t even get them in most grocery stores in the colder months. Germans rather wait for the sweet and juicy berries you can buy from local food stalls that pop up everywhere from May onwards. But do you know what Germans are even crazier about? Asparagus! Not the thin green one, it’s the white asparagus that Germans consider to be the royal vegetable (“königliches…