• Chemistry University Cambridge

    Visiting the chemistry lab

    “Lena, what exactly is Nis’ PhD about?“ Every time someone asks me this question I try to hide the fact that I am actually not that interested in science in general. Instead I throw in words like “inorganic chemistry” and “batteries” and hope that the person who asked the question is actually not that interested either and just tried to keep the conversation going. Sometimes though, it happens that someone is genuinely interested in Nis’ PhD project and also somewhat of a science person. That’s when these conversations can get a bit awkward because I am not even able to explain briefly what my husband is doing all day in…

  • peterhouse-cambridge

    The College Challenge

    My second year of living in Cambridge has just begun and I want to make the most of it! While the first year has mostly been about settling in, finding a job, making new friends and finding a place to live, I am now eager to dig in deeper and explore the city in all its richness. One goal I set myself for this second year is visiting every College in Cambridge.

  • Weird and wonderful Cambridge traditions

    There is something special about autumn, particularly if you live in Cambridge. It is the time of the year when students return from their long summer holidays or, if they are freshers, start a completely new life in Cambridge, like Nis and I did last year. I almost can’t believe that we have now lived one year in Cambridge. Time flies!