• Clare College Cambridge Fellows Garden

    Clare College Cambridge

    It’s time for some college photos again! I haven’t visited as many colleges as I wished to during the last few months. It’s December now and there are still 13 colleges left, so it’s very unlikely that I will have seen all 31 of them by the end of this year. It’s also too dark and cold at the moment to take pretty photos, so I have decided to postpone my ‘college challenge’ to spring next year. It’s the nicest season anyway here in Cambridge, I think! However, this break allows me to go through my backlog of photos and share them with you in the meantime! Let’s start with…

  • greatstmarys cambridge

    Great St Mary’s Church

    Sometimes you just need to change your perspective to realise that the world might not be that big and vast of a place you imagined it to be. That is why I like climbing the tower of Great St Mary’s every now and then, a church at the very centre of town, located between the market square, King’s College Chapel and the City Council.